Why Windows 8 ? The Value Prop.

Here’s my take on the value proposition for Windows 8. In this deck, I have tried to illustrate some success stories to start off. From local apps in Chicago to national apps that have high visibility, brands that are small or big are slowly making their way to the Windows 8 MarketPlace/Store.

Recently, Twitter, Walgreens, Moto X Mayhem, Simple In/Out apps were published to the Windows 8 Store. Chicago-based startup, Georama also published their app and we have several more apps that are getting published every single day. The Store has grown from a few thousand to more than 45,000 apps in just 9 months. That’s a compelling factor.

The deck below goes into the six main reasons why developers should pay attention to Windows 8.

  1. Market Opportunity – This section aims to answer the question around the current market statistics and how Windows 8 is performing.
  2. Designed for discovery – Here I review the design model which is built to showcase the developer brand and showcase apps keeping in mind a fresh and discoverable user experience.
  3. Unprecedented reach – The Windows 8 Store reaches hundreds of markets and is poised to capture the Windows 7 market share (almost 70% of the market)
  4. Flexible business models – This is a ‘bring your own’ model where Windows 8 supports subscriptions, ads in apps, in-app purchases, time-based trials.
  5. Transparent terms – Track your app certification process, know about how and why your app gets rejected and get an insider look into how your apps makes it into the Windows 8 Store
  6. Best economics – Keep 70% of the revenue that your app earns when customers purchase your app. There’s more to read below.


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