Startup Principles : Are You Winning The Hearts And Minds Of Your Customers?

 What you produce doesn’t have to make money but, it does have to benefit people. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Boston to attend the PIPELINE Entrepreneurs Fellowship module. One of the talks during the module covered the importance of customers. If you have a strong customer base, that is the single most important success driver.

So how do you win the hearts and minds of customers and how do you become a successful startup?

Here are five things you can do to win your customers,

1. Know your customers

Don’t just know them through numbers, know them intimately and in every which way you can. Their likes and dislikes, demographics, behaviors, background, what influences them, where do they seek advice, what do they read and where do they spend their time. The best solutions are built with a solid understanding of customers.

2. Identify why your customers should care about your product

Take the time and understand the needs and pains of your customers. Where are they coming from? What is their motivation? Is your product going to solve a painful problem or will it relieve some worries? Does your product meet needs or does it simply satisfy wants? Identify the core set of features that your customers will truly care about and then eliminate the rest.

3. Don’t build products for everyone but, focus on a target market

Products which are for everyone aren’t for anyone. Positioning your brand and product so they hit the target market effectively is key to the success of any company. Your customers won’t fall in love unless they feel that the product speaks to them.

4. No one needs your product, customers want benefits

It’s true. We don’t wake up wanting to ride the bus or drive the car to work. We simply want to reach our workplace. Similarly, no one needs the product, they care about the benefits. As you take off on this journey of customer satisfaction, focus on the benefits of your product. Let go of the bells and whistles and truly seek a strong value proposition.

5. Win-win-win-win… win as many ways as you can

Creating a win-win situation with your users, customers, partners and distributors is key to keeping everyone happy including you. The best way to do this is by spending time with your stakeholders and understanding what drives success for everyone.


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