Startup Profile : WebCurfew

WebCurfew is a cloud-based platform to enable home automation by managing the routers (gateway) that people already have at home… and a simple dashboard to control the experience.


The first application is an “Internet Parental Control” service that allows parents to take back control over when and how their children access the internet from any connected device. It replaces the antiquated device-centric model of managing parental controls on individual devices, and provides a simple solution by managing the central point of all WiFi internet access in the home – the router.

Here’s an excerpt from the BizSpark blog. Rod da Silva, CEO of WebCurfew has your child’s best interest in mind. WebCurfew is a real-time internet parental control website that effectively provides a light switch for any internet-enabled device in the home. According to da Silva, “Our mission is to partner with all parents to promote a healthier life balance for their children offline by helping to manage their online time more effectively.”

“At the core of our offering is a platform for controlling, on your behalf, the single point of internet access in your home – your router.”

This is compelling. These are not parental controls that are really outside of a parent’s control — typical of some software solutions that are in-browser, or web-based. Even some downloadable software operates on the PC, not in the peripheral device that feeds Internet traffic into the computer.

The company has been featured on Built In Chicago and graduated from TechStars Chicago in Summer 2013. 

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